Nostalgic Silhouette

Nostalgic silhouette
Welcomes me home


I may live in Texas, however, Louisiana will always be “home”!

The brown pelican was designated the state bird of Louisiana in 1966.  Early European settlers were impressed with the pelican’s generous and nurturing attitude toward their young.  The brown pelican has been a symbol of Louisiana since that time.

Louisiana’s official nickname is “The Pelican State”.  The brown pelican appears on Louisiana’s state flag, state seal, the official state painting, and is one of three Louisiana symbols displayed on the U.S. mint’s bicentennial quarter.

The state bird of Louisiana is unique among the world’s seven species of pelicans.  The brown pelican is found along the ocean shores and not on inland lakes.  It is the only dark pelican, and also the only one that plunges from the air into the water to catch its food.


© by rgb for “On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea”, 2011 – 2012

About becca givens

Becca is an artist, poet, and animal communicator. She delights in cooking, nurturing, and sharing a rich spiritual life with others on the Path.
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3 Responses to Nostalgic Silhouette

  1. Olive Tree says:

    that’s an amazing picture of a pelican and a sunset. too bad i never got the chance to visit Louisiana before i left the U.S., but it won’t stop me from enjoying and admiring the view from pictures like this one and a wonderful poem like yours.


  2. zongrik says:

    i’ve never seen a pelican. i bet they are so cool looking


  3. granbee says:

    When visiting relatives, or just traveling through on vacation, I never tired of watching these brown pelicans dive for their dinner! There is just something so essentially “homey” about South Louisiana for all of us, not just those who grew up there. Wonderful haiku and more-than-wonder photo. So serene and comfy is that pelican!


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