Twinkle of Appreciation ≈ 2

Twinkle of Appreciation

finished bird’s nest


During our walk about the yard last evening, we found a completed bird’s nest awaiting occupation.  Due to the harsh drought in our area during the past summer, this evergreen holly (among many) succumbed to its demise.  However, as a parting gift, its skeleton provides sturdy footing for the builders.  The nest is securely wedged among the branches.  Delightfully, it is at my eye level and from my bedroom window, I can view “into it”.  Based on the amount of cardinals flitting around our windows the past few weeks, attracting the attention of the inside fur-children, I suspect the beautiful nest belongs to one of the cardinal couples.

The inside fur-children do not realize it yet, the exciting entertainment in store for them.   (Or do they?).  Obviously the holly needs replacing – but not until the expected off-springs “leave the nest”.   I will save the nest as a reminder of this Twinkle of Appreciation.


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