Twinkle of Appreciation ≈ 3

Twinkle of Appreciation

hot water
fresh clean towels


I have always relished hot water and clean linens. However, this recognition and appreciation has blossomed exponentially over the past few weeks.


Tippy is the matriarch in our canine-family in our household.  She is a rescue from neglectful neighbors.  We have had her since she was 9 months old, and she is approaching 15 years.   Her spirit is sweet and gentle.  She seems perfectly content living with us, and does not ask for much.

Although, she is an experienced senior citizen, and endures the limitations of degenerative hips and back legs,  she maneuvers quite well for an old girl.  With this in mind, we made the conscious decision, for the winter months, to keep her inside at night and chilly days.  I am relieved for this choice; otherwise, we may not have realized she was having difficulties.

For the past six weeks, Tippy has been ill.  She and I have spent six weeks of late nights together trying to keep her tidy with her dignity intact.   It seems as quickly I prepare a fresh pallet for her, I have to repeat the process within minutes. The washing machine and dryer have had an “on call” work schedule 24 hours/day.  At times, I could use a pair of each.  Some days and nights we use every towel in the house, and anxiously await the completion of the cycles for replenishing.  Although warm towels feel good to my hands and her body, standing in front of the dryer waiting is wearisome.

Reflecting on women through the ages, as well as women around the world who do their laundry by hand in rivers or ponds, I am appreciative of not only owning several towels, but possessing a functioning automatic washer and dryer, with the supplies of soap, bleach and softener.


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