Twinkle of Appreciation ≈ 8

Twinkle of Appreciation

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As many friends and readers know … my eldest fur-child, Tippy crossed over to the spirit world this morning.  It was an incredible experience.


Tippy, the matriarch in our canine-family in our household, was a rescue from neglectful neighbors.  We had her since she was 9 months old, and she was ten days shy of her 15th birthday.  Her spirit was sweet and gentle.  She would have made a wonderful Peace Ambassador.  She exemplified gratitude in its full status.  Tippy was perfectly content living with us, and did not ask for anything other than love.

When we discovered two weeks ago she was in liver failure, exacerbated by not eating – I made up my mind I would provide her with hospice care.  She would lead the way … with the timing and end-of-life decisions … and it would be done at home, in her surroundings.

She allowed me the honor of maintaining her dignity through the arduous end-stage journey.  With amazement and awe, Tippy lasted much longer than expected … expressing to me … there still were lessons for her to teach and energy work to complete.

Yesterday, knowing the time was imminent; I used a homeopathic remedy to calm her.  I made a palette near hers, and held her through the night.  It was important for me and for her that I was present; providing the reassurance it was “all right” to continue with the final segment of her journey … to assure her the lessons she came to teach would not be forgotten … her mission was complete … to comfort her in the guarantee she was a “good girl” and well loved.

A wise friend of Native American descent reminded me of the significance of singing to her …  using any melody or toning I wanted to choose.  I remembered the gentle flowing music, but had not remembered the personal aspect of this music.  Knowing I do not sing, but keeping the important ritual in mind, I sang (or I should say I toned) a melody to her in the last hours.  When I first started – she nudged her head back to look at me … as if she was waiting for me to give her a concert.  It was a simple melody that came to me at the moment. I repeated it over and over between reassurances and comfort until she saw the Divine Light and relaxed in permanent physical slumber.

It is interesting to observe the engagement and approach of our other fur-children in handling Tip’s passing.  The “puppies” handled it completely different than the inside fur-children (the “kittens”).

At the moment, she is on a palette, partially shrouded.  I have a candle at her head.  I am intrigued watching each one.  Remember, there are eight of them.  Like humans’ resolution after transition, I observe eight different means of paying their final respects.  Some have come and gone in a flash, others have approached to sit with her body, and others gingerly investigate, pausing for a few moments before turning away.  The fur-children to whom I am particularly close have made repeated visits  …  Watching Mother Nature and God’s Divinity magnificently at work is yet another lesson for me.

Have I ever done this before? Never!

Would I do it again?  Probably!  However, I pray it is a long time before I must.

The sacredness of the last 24 hours is a lasting “Twinkle of Appreciation”.


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