Twinkle of Appreciation ≈ 9

Twinkle of Appreciation

ninety one
sharp as a tack


I consider myself very blessed … not only is my mom still living at the age of 91+ years, but her mind is remarkably sharp, and sharp as a tack!!  😀  Not to say, she is not a little forgetful, but at her age … she remembers with great clarity more than I do.  She continues to live independently in the home  we were raised.  We are fortunate and appreciate having one of my two brothers and sister-in-law living in the same area, and they check on her regularly.

Among her interests, she enjoys painting, cross word puzzles and reading.  Her penmanship of script remains clear and unchanged through the years. (The nuns would be proud!!)  She still drives; however, she limits her excursions to only a few places during the daylight hours.  She still “does lunch” with friends, sits at the Art Guild, and attends Literary Club Meetings.  When my sister and I go “home” for a visit, she always inquires what our respective freezers need for stocking … and reminds us to bring our “igloos” to transfer packaged comfort food for our homes.

She is busy planning “our” (her and my) next bus tour excursion for the Fall.  (By then, she will be 92 yrs)  We are scheduled to visit the “Badlands”.  I hope I have as much energy and memory when I am her age.

At a time, when parents of friends are either gone, have serious medical conditions, can no longer live independently or have been robbed of their healthy mental faculties due to Alzheimer’s or dementia, my mom is among my current Twinkles of Appreciation.


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