From: Your Future

Dear young self:

I remember when you were this young, with your life ahead of you; reaching crossroads; torn in different directions.  Always trying to balance those activities that embodied being “well rounded”. So many choices ahead and not sure which choice holds highest priority.  You want to do all of them, but there is not enough time.

Family and Friends Crossroad:
Although, you have other siblings, you grow up like an only child, and always as an adult. You were taught, “You are best seen and not heard”.  You are a quiet sensitive spirit; an “old soul”, as some refer to you; too complicated for most; too much effort needed on their part to understand you.  Your friends are few; their personalities eclectic.  Those special few are bonded to your heart; closer to you than your blood family.  They recognize you and understand you.  All the while, I hear you think, “I am not that complicated”!

Music Crossroad:   You love going to concerts and symphonies; music is ingrained in your soul. You know all the new music and new talent.  Your collection of albums is extensive. To keep them straight, you divide your widespread collection of music, by female, male and groups; each color coded so you can spot them in an instant.  Music to fit every mood, to soothe and heal you, to celebrate with you, to dream with you.

Love Crossroad:  As young girls do, you fall in love.  You love a young man deeply; and he loves you.  He asks you to marry him, and you say yes.  With a college student job, money is limited.  Times are different then than they are now.  Access to telephones is limited; long distance calling only used for emergencies.  When he moves away to take his first job, letter writing is the sole means of communication.  You are both so proud of his accomplishments.  I remember you wanting to quit school, and follow him to live his dreams.  He and your parents convince you to remain in school so you could graduate with a “college degree”; your ticket for a “good job”.  Unwittingly, this altered the course of your life.  He found another, but forgot one minor detail … to tell you about her.  He married her; leaving you without explanation for his actions.  You were the last to know.  Oh, my dear one, how this changes your view on love and life; it shakes the core of your foundation of trust, love and hope.  You turn your shattered self inward; you juggle the pain well from outsiders; illustrating to the world you are a strong, thoughtful, caring, organized, and determined, young woman with a successful life ahead.  All the while, you wonder, what lies in store for your life.

Studies and Career Crossroad:  Much to your chagrin, not only do you finish college, you proceed onward to obtain your graduate degree.  You delve into your career.  It is a successful one.

All throughout, I remember you thinking …
“Seems like everything is always changing, yet always remains the same.”

Life’s Crossroad:  If you could transport yourself into the future to where I am … If you could view “you” at this crossroad – what would you see?  Is there anything you would change?  What would you keep?  Would you do something different?  What would it be?  Would you journey down a different path?  Would you seek different people?  Different interests?  What would you highlight?  What would you pursue?  Where?  When?  How?

If you realized then, you are part of a puzzle …  You are an integral fragment; no one else can fulfill the role the same as you – how would this affect you and your selections?  If you knew the paths you cross and the lessons you learn – are breadcrumbs in some scenarios, stepping stones in other circumstances, and building blocks in others … for you and for them, how would you feel?  Would you be satisfied?  Would you understand, you are specially chosen for this life.

I must share with you … all along the journey of your life, you may not realize who you affect until much later in your existence on this earth; and you may have to delay discovering until you reach another realm.  Nonetheless, each crossroad you pursue, each path you wander, each person you meet is for a purpose.  Nothing is by accident; everything is by design. 

If I could send you one message from the future, keep this role in mind, and live a purposeful, appreciative and blissful life.  There is joy in everything, even from the tragedies.  Refine your sliver for the puzzle’s completion, so you slip right into place, blossom and assist the other pieces into their places.  Hold the space for them, so they can do the same for another. 

You are uniquely special.  Carry this message within the very core of your being; infuse this knowledge in your thoughts, actions, and deeply rooted in your heart.  Let your distinct light shine, allow yourself to become a bright beacon for others.  All else will fall into place.

I send this to you, with utmost love and respect ~~

your future


Written as part of Kellie Elmore’s Magic in the Backyard:   Free Write Friday

Kellie’s Guidelines for Free Write Friday:
You may write in any form you choose, as this is FREE Write Friday after all but, should you choose to use the traditional method of “free writing”, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Do not think. Do not edit. Do not pay attention to spelling, punctuation or form.
  • Just allow the moment, your feelings, your imagination to run free and …
  • Do not stop until you find yourself forcing your words or trying too hard to complete a thought.

© rgb for “On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea”, 2011 – 2012

About becca givens

Becca is an artist, poet, and animal communicator. She delights in cooking, nurturing, and sharing a rich spiritual life with others on the Path.
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17 Responses to From: Your Future

  1. granbee says:

    How very wonderful to have this Future talking and supporting one! This is a great entry for “Free Write Friday”. That does it: I am doing to take part this next Friday! I follow Kelli on Twitter all the time and must confess that I have been somewhat intimidate by all her young self-confidence. Just like Caddo Veil and Julie Catherine and Francina intimidate the heck out of me–I feel so old-fashioned compared to them!


    • becca givens says:

      I know exactly what you mean … there are so many talented writers, I don’t even try to compete … hopefully only learn from them.

      You should try one of her challenges … this is my first of this type. I wasn’t planning on participating, but I just “jumped in” and started writing … it niggled at me, until I wrote some more, and then I had to finish it.


  2. Such a unique take on this! Very nice, and imaginative! Love it!


  3. Becca, it’s breathtaking! please write more, more and more. really, you could expand each paragraph into a few pages, please! I love it!!!!!! it’s a new you and it’s fabulous. promise me we will see more……?! blessings, Laurie


    • becca givens says:

      Oh, Laurie … you are too kind!!! I am glad you like it … yes, I could have written more on each crossroad — but then again, it may never have made it to print! 🙂 I didn’t want to over shock those who are use to my 17 syllables … if something catches my fancy, I will write about it in longer fashion. Thank you for taking the time to read, and for leaving such a supportive comment!! xoxoox Blessings ~~~


  4. “You are uniquely special”

    This is a most precious take away message…one that some, if not most have a difficult time grasping. This was really such a good practice that you expressed, so good to delve into these inner workings and avenues. Great job, Becca!


  5. Ruth says:

    Beautiful, Becca, and yes, a bit of an epistle, but one I couldn’t stop reading… there’s a ‘well-done’ feeling about it and a sense of completeness in the end that is very satisfying. I haven’t written one of these in a long while, but you inspire me to try… 🙂


  6. JulesPaige says:

    Crossroads…Reminds me of the Movie…Yentle was it? With Babs…Barbara Streisand – There was a song in that move about standing at the crossroads of life. Some days you think you are headed one way and then the wind changes and you end up in Oz. Best to you, be who you are, we all are special. Thank you for your questions and your honesty.


  7. Mary says:

    I liked this very much, Becca. It gave an insight into you, and I always appreciate that kind of writing. It is sometime frightening to put yourself out there, I think. (I seem to do this more and more, having found people supportive when I wrote from my depths.) I think that even if a person doesn’t arrive at a place he/she intended, it was the place he/she was meant to be. For example, perhaps you really were not meant to marry that college love and would not have accomplished many of the things you HAVE accomplished had this occurred. Myself, I look at my life…and I would not do anything differently. I do think we have to find a way to live in the present, without regret. I do think you have.


    • becca givens says:

      Thank you for leaving such generous feedback, Mary! It was an interesting exercise. Every now and then, I find such a prompt, and something inside of me – says jump!! I believe everything happens for a reason, we are all suppose to be exactly where we are at the moment … it is all part of the universal plan and our part in it. Tough sometimes — but if I look at situations from this view, I know there are lessons I need to learn, assist with or teach, and it makes all easier to work through!

      I appreciate your visit!


  8. meenas17 says:

    It is a lovely post and a novel way to write.


  9. rumpydog says:

    Love it! And you’re so right… hindsight is 20/20!


  10. WOW!!.. Becca, More please More!!!..
    So loved this inner most thought from self .. Would I change the past? would I view life differently if my past had been different-maybe. But because of the Past I am who I am today.. Warts and all.. and the pain suffered shaped me, as it does all of us into the people we become.. Giving us strength and courage, patience and respect.
    Each of us come to a cross-roads in our lives.. and ponder long and hard which road to take.. It has been my first hand knowledge that knows there are no wrong turns in life.. Just detours, in which we meet and greet those whom we are meant to share with.. Be it for a moment or a life time..

    Loved this Becca…. absolutely Loved it.. ~~ Can you tell! ?? 🙂 (( Hugs dear one )) Sue xx


  11. Misky says:

    Totally wonderful, Becca. Have you stuck this beautiful letter to yourself on the fridge door so you’re reminded of just how special you are? 😀


    • becca givens says:

      Thank you, Misky! No, I haven’t printed this out … I finished it in the “wee hours” and immediately went to sleep! I appreciate you reading my epistle and leaving a thoughtful comment! Many blessings to you through out the weekend! 😀


  12. becca givens says:

    You may be surprised I could write such an epistle, and then again, you may be glad I stick to writing micro-poetry!! 😀
    It was a fun exercise!!


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