Twinkle of Appreciation ≈ 13

Twinkle of Appreciation

Air conditioning

I am like Goldilocks of  “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” Fairy Tale.   When it comes to the temperature of my personal space, I do not like it “too hot” nor do I like it “too cold”.  I want it to be “just right!”   Spoiled, I know!!  😀

A few days ago our air conditioning started misbehaving.  Guess it is struggling with the high temperatures of the Texas summer.   Although, I gently remind it of last year at this time, and indicate we have zero to complain about this summer.

When hubby finally noticed enough of the inside heat in his personal space, he called the serviceman to make a house call.  YEA!  I have high hopes of sleeping under the covers tonight.  😉

My twinkle of appreciation this fine July afternoon  …  Air Conditioning!!


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Becca is an artist, poet, and animal communicator. She delights in cooking, nurturing, and sharing a rich spiritual life with others on the Path.
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11 Responses to Twinkle of Appreciation ≈ 13

  1. souldipper says:

    The heat of night is the difficult one for me. Even in winter, I like my bedroom cool enough that I hunker down under a generously filled comforter.


  2. siggiofmaine says:

    My “just right” temperature is 68 degrees tops…love it colder ! Don’t get it often, and in Maine, I don’t have A/C. My client does whom I’m caring for some days…love it. This summer the fan has run continually for weeks….some summers it never gets plugged in. I am happy you will get to sleep in comfort tonight.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine


  3. We added air conditioning a few years ago and I think it’s a miracle! We don’t use it very often, but when we need it, it’s here…I consider it a remarkable miracle! Enjoy a better night’s sleep tonight!


    • becca givens says:

      I must really be spoiled — or you and granbee live where it doesn’t get HOT!!! I am looking forward to a cool night’s rest!!! 😀


      • : ) …ohhhh, I live near San Francisco….over some hills and much warmer than SF, (80’s and 90’s in the daytime) but often foggy and cold (50’s…..brrrrrr !!!! ) at night…that’s why we don’t have to use the air conditioning very often…it’s sometimes windy, foggy and cold on summer evenings and nights….so lots of too cool/cold nights of rest here in the summer! : )


        • becca givens says:

          I would enjoy your type of weather … I sleep best when it is cold outside the covers!!! 😀 I can understand why A/C would be an option!!


        • shoreacres says:

          I lived in the Bay Area for three years and came to appreciate the line (often mis-attributed to Mark Twain): “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” It’s true – the interior valley heats up and pulls cooler air and fog in through the Golden Gate. Take a sweater if you’re visiting in July!


  4. granbee says:

    Becca, I REALLY do not like air conditioning at home–but am so grateful for it in the places where I go to shop, to hang out in coffeeshops, and to perform free-lance jobs!


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