Twinkle of Appreciation ≈ 14

Twinkle of Appreciation


Fourteen years
a soft gray cat

Silky fur
round green eyes bright

Daily rites
longer exist

All is well
o’er Rainbow Bridge

Early summer 1998, a 4 month old gray kitten arrived on our property with the air of confidence and belonging.  I remember we were working in the garden during one of my dad’s visits.  For some reason, I put her in the bib of my overalls where she remained while we continued with our project.  I wanted to give her a southern girl’s name … hence she became Miss Magnolia.  We dubbed her birthday, February 14, 1998.

Throughout the years, she has been bestowed the nicknames of “Mags”, “Magpie”, “Maggie-girl” as well as our “little gray mouse”.  She loved rituals.  She and I shared morning rituals, evening rituals, as well as bedtime rituals.  Her ritual was Ray was to climb across his shoulders and drape.  He looked like he was wearing a fur collar.

She had the softest and silkiest fur out of all our feline fur-children, and big round bright eyes.  She was spunky, and  the matriarch of the feline world … a position she did not appreciate.  LOL … She did not like being the oldest sister … she wanted to be an only child, and gladly let all of the others know it! 😀  She felt all of our attention was “owed to her” and no one else!!  She would set them straight as to who was boss. The remaining gang gave her a wide berth.

Miss Magnolia passed away this morning after a very short sudden illness.  She was perky and fine on Wednesday morning; developed distress mid-Wednesday afternoon and diagnosed with the wet form of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) on Thursday.  By Thursday evening, she was in the crisis state. The vet strongly recommended “no heroic measures” and gave us a few weeks, depending on the rate of fluid accumulation.  Little did we know, it really would be within a couple of days.

Her passing was quiet and peaceful – on her own terms.  She remained tolerant and graceful until the end.  We gathered her seven “siblings”, and gave them each opportunity to say their goodbyes.  I sang to her as I prepared her for her physical journey of cremation.  This is our second loss within 5 months – having lost Tippy, the canine matriarch in March.

I know Magnolia is still with us on a spiritual and energetic level, but I am going to miss her physical state, and all of loving mannerisms and mischievous antics.

After 14 years, it seems strange Magnolia is not with me this evening to celebrate our evening rituals.

Blessings and a Loving journey, my sweet Miss Magnolia!!  You have  been one of my daily Twinkles of Appreciation.

Miss Magnolia
2-14-1998 ~~ 8-11-2012


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