Twinkle of Appreciation ≈ 16

Twinkle of Appreciation

Lessons learned
me despite me

Yesterday I heard “you are a miracle” …  Although, it was not my first incident of hearing something similar … for some reason, it is the first moment in time the statement hit its intended mark.

You see, I believe in God, I believe in Jesus Christ and in the Holy Spirit; known to me as the Holy Trinity.

I believe there is a Divine Plan, and everything has a purpose … a very specific purpose, at that.  I have deep faith, and it is because of this faith I have been able to endure whirlwinds of hurts, erratic growth, tragedies and darkest moments at the bottom of the well, or from the quick-sand pit I often tread.  There are times I believe I see a light at the end of the tunnel, and trust it is hope rather than a larger than life train preparing to roll over me once more.

So, with all of these beliefs, and faith … why is it so difficult to realize I am a miracle … not because I beat the 5% odds of surviving cancer, but because I was created … and this creation in itself constitutes a miracle.

There are necessary lessons to learn in order to become a stronger person.  How am I going to learn these lessons, unless I do the homework, and practice, practice, practice to get the best end results?  I admit there are subjects I enjoy learning more than others, but in order to “graduate” I must be well-rounded … and it involves growing, changing, opening myself to experiences and weaving these experiences throughout the fabric of my life.  I realize, if I would get out of my own way, some lessons would evolve quicker … but noooooo, instead of taking the short route, I invariably take the longer.  Do I think the scenery is better? LOL 😀

In truth, my life decisions should boil down to how I see myself and how much I love and value myself.  So now that this is clearer … let me get out of my way, and start treating myself as I attempt to treat others.  After all, I would not tolerate a friend accepting behavior from anyone that was not supportive, loving and honoring.

It is past time I do the same, and start:

Am a miracle

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