Nurturing Thursday – Through Their Eyes


“The practice of looking through the eyes of one who loves us can be a powerful and surprisingly direct way to remember our beauty and goodness.”

~ from the book
“Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life with the Heart of a Buddha”
by Tara Brach, PhD

Our animal companions provide us with unconditional love any time of the day … on every given day.  Question to ask:  What if we started to truly look at ourselves the way our animal companions look at us?

Suggested exercise:  Take a deep breath. With mindfulness, devote a few moments to view you as they do.  Visualize yourself wrapped in this type of unconditional love.  Observe how you feel with this blanket of acceptance.

How did you do?  How did it make you feel?  Try repeating this exercise as often as needed, until you look at yourself in an unconditional way as our sweet animal beings look at us.   ~~  Namaste

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What is Nurturing Thursday, you ask?

In this amazingly competitive society of ours, how many of us truly feel good about ourselves? How often do we extend to ourselves … the same courtesies, considerations, nurturing, forgiveness and understanding we would a loved one, a friend, or even a stranger?

Our culture tells us we need to be special and above average to feel good about ourselves. Yet, it is not possible for all of us to be above average at the same time. Don’t we usually know of someone richer, more attractive, “more together” or successful than we are? Even if we discount the material aspects and consider the more spiritual facet, don’t we know of those who seem more at peace, more aware or living in the moment. Even when we do manage to feel a strong sense of self-esteem or self-confidence, we are not able to consistently hold on to it. For most, our sense of self-worth bounces around like a ping-pong ball, rising and falling strongly tied with our latest success or failure.

In an effort to eliminate labeling ourselves as “good” or “bad”, and clearly accept ourselves with an open heart … to treat ourselves with the same kindness, caring, and compassion we would show to a good friend … I would like to incorporate more self-compassion and self-kindess in my life.

To “give this planet a much needed shot of fun, support and positive energy” … I am dubbing Thursdays as Nurturing Thursday … a spin-off of the suspended Occupy Blogosphere started by Amy of SoulDipper.

If any of my readers are interested in joining the nurturing, I applaud and welcome you to do so … the more the merrier!!



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About becca givens

Becca is an artist, poet, and animal communicator. She delights in cooking, nurturing, and sharing a rich spiritual life with others on the Path.
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19 Responses to Nurturing Thursday – Through Their Eyes

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  2. I did this today! Just watched the way my little dog, Dayna looked at me and saw the devotion. Then I tried to hang on to how that made me feel. It worked! I felt so at peace with myself today ~ it was beautiful. I took Dayna for a walk to celebrate x


  3. so true, no one quite loves us the way our fur family members do. No matter what, they stick close and love us. Here’s my contribution today


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  5. Wonderful Nurturing Thursday Post Becca, thank you … Wishing you a Peaceful Day.. Love and Hugs Sue xx


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  7. My new kitty, Sateen
    has helped me feel like I am the most wonderful person in the world. It’s what my kittens make me feel. I didn’t think I could love another pet as much as our recently deceased Marshmellow but he sent me another loving fur child to care for me. It has made me feel overwhelmingly special.
    Great image of this beautiful dog. Inspiring words, Becca.
    Namaste …


    • becca givens says:

      I am thrilled you have opened your heart to another animal companion. Marshmellow would want that!! Sateen is a lovely name. How old is she? and How long have you had her? Thank you for sharing!! 😀

      This is Utah, our red and white Siberian Husky with ice blue eyes. We rescued him about 3 summers ago. He is a BIG boy.


      • WOW … Siberian Husky. Don’t they usually like colder weather? Utah has mesmerizing eyes. Isn’t it a shame when animals are tossed like nothing.
        We adopted our kitties – one for me and one for hubby – from the St. Frances Humane Society.
        We went to look and Babygirl jumped on my hubby and he has been in love ever since. sateen – thanks for liking her name – is her twin sister except that she has a pink nose.
        This is their intro …
        I hope more people find it in their hearts to adopt rescue cats or donate goods for them to be cared for.


        • becca givens says:

          Yes, rescues are wonderful beings … and I agree it is a shame the regard of them by some people. However, I would rather them sent to a rescue than be abused. Babygirl and Sateen are precious … it is fun to have litter-mates. We have a set of three; there were four but something attacked the 4th one, and after an exhaustive and expensive week in ICU … she didn’t make it. 😦 Shortly thereafter, the 2 that were still outside were brought in. One had been inside for awhile due to a neglectful injury (broken pelvis) by the neighbor. So we rescued all three survivors.

          Yes, usually Huskies like colder weather, but they seem to do fine regardless. This is our 2nd one, and Ray’s 4th one. A couple of summers ago I thought I would be kind, and had him shaved — never again. He was so embarrassed by it; he was 1/2 his usual size, and was quite nervous without his fur. Later, I read, it is the worst to do to huskies. So I promised never again would I put him through such shame. 😦 My bad!!!


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  9. lauriesnotes says:

    Love the quote. 🙂
    My contribution is here:
    Happy Thursday.


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