Cee’s Odd Ball – 5

Odd Ball - 5I cannot tell you if I was taking the photo
for the “moth”, or the stonework, or _____! 😉
Who Knows?

Week 11

LOGO - Cees Odd Ball


UPDATE 5-13-14

Yesterday, I was updating my mom’s calendar for the remainder of the month.  Ironically, as I took a closer look at the featured design, I noticed the month of May features this butterfly/moth. I made a mental note to look it up on “Dr. Google”!  😀

For lack of knowing where to begin — I typed in long tail moth or butterfly.

Drum roll …. It is a Lunar Moth!!

Tidbit of info:

Luna Moths are members of the Saturniidae family, also known as the “Giant Silkworm Moths.”

Luna Moths are huge moths, with a wingspan of four and a half inches. They have a white body, pinkish legs, and huge pale green wings. The hindwings have eyespots and long tails.

They fly, only at night, in Spring and early Summer.

The female Luna Moth lays eggs on the bottom of Black Walnut leaves. She lays about 200 eggs in small groups.

You can tell a male from a female, because males have larger, bushier antennae.


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About becca givens

Becca is an artist, poet, and animal communicator. She delights in cooking, nurturing, and sharing a rich spiritual life with others on the Path.
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6 Responses to Cee’s Odd Ball – 5

  1. What a lovely luna moth. I once found one on the floor outside my motel room door. The size of it kind of startled me. 🙂


  2. dani says:

    the moth is stunning!


  3. Becca, who care why you took it, it’s lovely!!



  4. Geraldine says:

    how lovely! 🙂


  5. Cee Neuner says:

    Great photo. It’s one I would never of taken…that big of a bug (moth) I would run. 🙂


    • becca givens says:

      I’m thinking, I took the photo because I had not seen anything that large — glad it was on the ground dormant and not flying about! YIKES — I’d be running too!! 😀


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