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Weekly Photo Challenge 46 - Twist (1)
Kenny Hill’s Sculpture Garden
Located behind the Lighthouse
Originally created without clothing
Kenny clothed the figures after elderly neighbor became offended

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:


Chauvin Sculpture Garden
(locally known as Kenny Hill Sculpture Garden)

Kenny Hill, a bricklayer by day, and self-taught artist by evening and weekend, created over 100 pieces of sculpture out of cement and wire mesh.  He was a private man, and the folk art pieces he created were not meant for anyone’s eyes but his.  It is said he denied interviews and photographs.  Not much is known about him, other than he started working on this folk art world in 1989 – 1990.  He began transforming his shaded bayou environment into a mesmerizing chronicle of the world as seen through his eyes.  There is a profound mixture of Biblical reference, with bright Cajun colors and stark black, with evident themes of pain, inner struggle, conflict between good and evil.  A message of salvation is intertwined throughout the pieces.  He has figures of black and white, male, female, a child, soldiers as well as many self-portrayals.  All of the pieces are guided, supported or lifted by various versions of angels.  Some of the angels seem celestial, some inviting while others seem daunting.  Towards the back of the garden is the most prominent piece in the garden … a lighthouse. It is 45 feet tall, composed of 7,000 bricks, with figures clinging to the outside: cowboys, soldiers, angels, God, and Hill himself.

In January 2000, after having a disagreement with the local parish, Kenny abruptly left the site and area.  When visitors discovered his absence they found a hand painted message above the kitchen sink: “HELL IS HERE, WELCOME.”

Committed to the preservation and conservation of art environments, including self-taught artists, and important collections nationwide, the Kohler Foundation purchased and preserved the land which included the garden. The site opened to the public in 2002.  The Foundation gifted the garden to nearby Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana.


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Kenny Hill Sculpture Garden
Chauvin, Louisiana



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16 Responses to Twist – WP Weekly Photo

  1. A very quirky sculpture, Becca. Love the sign above the kitchen sink. Some women would agree with that. 😀


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  3. Becca, that must be a fascinating place. Thanks for including the story. It adds so much depth to the photo.



  4. suej says:

    Fascinating story…certainly a reclusive artist


  5. y. prior says:

    I agree with Lana – cool but also a bit creepy – and perfect for the twist theme! 🙂


  6. quarksire says:

    funny one 🙂


  7. Kitties Blue says:

    This is so cool. Would love to see the entire sculpture garden. Does anyone have any idea what happened to the artist? Hugs, Janet


    • becca givens says:

      The last visit I made there, I was able to get an unofficial tour … with that, I picked up some tidbits of information. One of them was — through word from his family who live in another state, the curators learned Kenny is aware of what is going on with the garden, but does not want to be in limelight or be contacted in any manner. He has separated himself completely from the garden.


  8. Now that must be some Garden to wAlk around. Sounds so interesting Becca.
    Love the Art.
    Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your weekend
    Love to you Sue xxxx


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