Greeter – Michelle’s Weekly Pet

With my schedule and our erratic weather, my husband and I did not plant a garden.  Considered the next best option, my husband and I joined a Home Grown Farm sharing program for the summer.  We picked up our first order this past weekend.  This was the first of two greeters waiting for participants.

Michelle's weekly 38 - Greeter (1)

Michelle's weekly 38 - Greeter (2)

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

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About becca givens

Becca is an artist, poet, and animal communicator. She delights in cooking, nurturing, and sharing a rich spiritual life with others on the Path.
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15 Responses to Greeter – Michelle’s Weekly Pet

  1. What a perfect ‘first greeter’, Becca ~ love the blissful look on her face, as she’s being stroked! My vegetable production has been set aside this year, as well ~ so could do with a Home~grown project. Think I might investigate that. Great post! 🙂


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  3. quarksire says:

    lewks like my sashas cousin 🙂 lol…….


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  6. What lovely greeters they are, Becca. Thank you so much for the lovely entry ❤


  7. Sonel says:

    So adorable and you’ve captured them perfectly Becca! I love greeters like this. Stunning shots! 😀


    • becca givens says:

      “Sonel” you are such a boost for the morale … thank you!! I hope to see them again this weekend. 😀 Appreciate the visit —


      • Sonel says:

        You’re welcome Becca and I would go every weekend just to be ‘greeted’ by them. I do hope you take some shots of them again. You do it so well and they are gorgeous! 😀


  8. Now that was a great Greet! 🙂 … Hope the weather is improving xox


  9. bounty and blessing in so many forms!


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