Small Town America’s 4th


This 4th of July our community of 1203 pulled out all the stops to show its patriotism, colors of red, white and blue, and celebration of small-life America.  This was the first Fourth of July for the town’s new mayor — my very own hubby, Ray!  He was elected by a landslide in May ousting the previous controversial mayor.  During his walk around the festivities, he was stopped countless times — the overwhelming sentiment was one of appreciation for his commitment to the community, and his beginning efforts to unify and lead the community back to a peaceful environment, as well as his faith in God, family and country.


“A small town is a place where there is no place to go where you shouldn’t.”



© rgb for “On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea”, 2011 – 2015

About becca givens

Becca is an artist, poet, and animal communicator. She delights in cooking, nurturing, and sharing a rich spiritual life with others on the Path.
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6 Responses to Small Town America’s 4th

  1. Brilliant ‘red, white and blue’ montage, Becca, it t says so much about you, your hubby and your town! I agree with shoreacres that the media should be reporting more of these ‘feelgood’ stories about communities working and pulling together! 🙂


  2. Meg Evans says:

    Congratulations to your hubby, and excellent photos, Becca!


  3. Fabulous pictures! Congrats to your hubby! Give me a small town any time! 😀

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  4. Wendy says:

    Great photos! Looks like a fun time.


  5. shoreacres says:

    Becca, this is a wonderful photo essay! I wish everyone in the country could see it. It’s just so representative of what still exists in this country — if only we could get the media to report on it! But they think it’s boring, I suppose. Little do they know!

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  6. Ruth says:

    Lovely pictures, Becca – hope y’all had a great day!


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