Animal Talk


“The Gang’s All Here” 


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Miss-Magnolia-adpt-by-Becca              YaYa-adpt-by-Becca


13 Responses to Animal Talk

  1. Hi Becca, my friend. You KNOW I love animals too. After Callie died we adopted Lexi, she’s about 3 months old now and quite a handful but a real delight. Can you tell me more about the animal communication you do or is it just part of your great love for animals. love, Laurie aka


  2. Geraldine says:

    My kind of post! Your furry pals are all so beautiful. Mr. Cheddar approves too. 😉


  3. unsungpoet says:

    I enjoyed this, being an animal lover as well…The shooting stars are a nice touch…Aren’t the four-leggeds truly stars in our worlds?!?


  4. Becca Givens says:

    Well, I seem to have an opening of the energy portal on my porch … I never know who, when, or why – I have such visitors. Some are just in passing, some are seeking assistance in their journey, some stay for awhile before moving along, and some stay forever …

    Thank you for perusing all around my blog … you are the first, I know about … I appreciate it … look forward to getting to know you as well.


  5. mary foxen says:

    I love animals. And whenever I see them respected, honoured, cherished, appreciated, it makes me happy. I love you too.


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