Bluebonnet Photo Shoot 2012

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It’s Bluebonnet time in Central Texas. These beautiful wildflowers start popping up around late March. At first, you can eye a few here and there … and then suddenly fields and meadows start blooming … within days there is an explosion of colored blossoms. You know, spring is here!! 🙂

Over the weekend, Ray and I took Utah and Chloe for a photo shoot in the bluebonnets — a very familiar scene at this time of the year. When Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush are in bloom — one can spy cars, pick-up trucks, racing bikes, motorcycles, and even 18-wheelers pulled over. You do not have to look far to spot the photographers with cameras in hand, always looking for the perfect spot to take the perfect shot among the sea of periwinkle color.

Ray found the perfect spot; easily accessible with the “puppies” in tow. 😀 The perfume of the bluebonnets was heady and delicious. Although, a couple of hours earlier or even much later in the day would have provided better lighting, Ray wanted to attempt the photo shoot then and there. So we did!

After saying each Spring, “we should take the puppies for a bluebonnet photo”finally, I can check it off the perpetual list of things to do!

Tippy was with us in spirit!

Note: Texas Bluebonnets are the
state flower of Texas!!

April 2012


© rgb for “On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea”, 2011 – 2012


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