More Small Stones for 2013

Small Stone

What are small stones?

A small stone is a short piece of writing (any style) that precisely captures a fully-engaged moment for you.  The process of discovering small stones is as significant as the finished creation.  Searching for small stones encourages you to keep your senses on the “alive and alert” status.  Involve yourself with a new set of eyes, ears, nose, mouth, fingers, feelings and mind.  In short … OPEN, OPEN, OPEN … open your heart, open your spirit, open your mind!

This is my journey for 2013!!


~ Small Stone ~ Frozen Rain

Frozen rain ~
Scarves of mist ~
Wraps my senses

~ Small Stone ~ Meyer Lemons

Bright cheery yellow
Fresh picked and delivered
On a gray drizzly day
Juicy globes
Fragrance fills the air
Concentrated sunshine

Meyers Lemons

~ Small Stone ~ Time Capsule

mounds of aged black-n-whites
time capsule
era seventy to ninety eons past
lofty hopes … dreams of youth
keenly aware of her dwindling days
with a sigh

~ Small Stone ~ Miser Hoards

garden path
with autumn leaves
squirrels hunt
miser hoards

~ Small Stone ~ The Summer I Dared

The summer I dared
Mended hearts
The wisdom way of knowing
Almost home
Redeeming Love

~ Small Stone ~ Reconnecting

Months of moisture famine
Gift of Mother Nature
Nourishing downpour

Thoroughly damp earth
Permits easier weeding
Burrowing in moist soil
Harvesting network of fine threads
Disabling the grip of tenacious culprits
Sense of accomplishment
Up-heaving deeper roots

Renewing personal energy field
Connecting with Mother Earth

~ Small Stone ~ Season Changes

Temperature is the same
Calendar is not
Even in a vacuum bubble of space
I sense the change in time of year
I can’t quite put my finger on it
My inner clock is awakened and excited
Energetic shifts are rumbling
In anticipation of my favorite season

~ Small Stone ~ Balms of Fur

Typically aloof
Seven different shapes and sizes
Welcome me home
Open paws, licks, purrs
Even the most reticent
Vying for attention
Sensing I need replenishing
After a lengthy absence
They seek to balance the energy
Of their universe
Including me
Nourishing my heart and spirit
Sweet balms of fur

~ Small Stone ~ Summer Fades

Breeze whispers
Blooms of summer fade
One leaf falls

~ Small Stone ~ Acts of Kindness

Random acts of kindness
Blankets of golden balm
Sweet spirits lifted
Soothing the frayed edges

~ Small Stone ~ Timely Sun

Timely sun
Warms my freckled face
Lost shadow

~ Small Stone ~ Amber Princess

Four winged amber princess
On tip of amaryllis’s elongated slender leaf
Observing my watering efforts
Before day’s fever arrives

~ Small Stone ~ Ants

Line of tiny ants
Marching with single purpose
Off to work they go

~ Small Stone ~ Soft White Fur

soft white fur
near cool pathway

~ Small Stone ~ Breath

Rhythmic sound
Oxygen concentrator swooshes
Prompting me of awareness
Effects taken for granted

Our body is a splendid design
Engineered for unconscious function
Until mindful effort mandatory

Preciousness of breath and life

~ Small Stone ~ Evening Lull

Snippet of Lion
Moves stealthily as sun sets
Inhaling clouds

~ Small Stone ~ Hummingbird

Along iron wrought gate
Long tail hummingbird
Iris sweet suitor

~ Small Stone ~ Awake

Daring darkness
Intangible thoughts taunt
Skirting flighty edges of dreams

~ Small Stone ~ Sunrise to Sunset

Grasping streams of kaleidoscopic ribbons
Wrapped in scarves of dreams
Negotiating choices and consequences
Scouring life’s landscape for guideposts
Some discovered, others missed
Touched by mementos from this world
Messages from our Guardians
Our lives infused with Divine Love
Sacred journey from birth to death
From our sunrise to sunset

~ Small Stone ~ Lingering

Winter’s reach
still lingering
Her rationale concealed from me

Pausing to appreciate
the whims and colors of spring
savoring all its glories
Storing memories
I can conjure
when tempest Summer
arrives with abundant fury

~ Small Stone ~ Bridge

In the midst of long quiet hours
Remnants of past memories
Bridge with today’s realities
Creating a natural journey
Knitting together reconciliation and healing
Lone geese honks in the velvet night

~ Small Stone ~ Journey

Each visit
Journey of memories
Face to face

~ Small Stone ~ Magic Carpet

Magic carpet charging
Heavy gray veil of mist
Cushions the ground with moisture
Smooth sailing projected
Serenity in the air

~ Small Stone ~ Drama of Sunlight
The drama of the sun’s light
on a particular spot …
how it appears to us
or the emotions that surface
reminds me of
our outlook
actuality or reality.

~ Small Stone ~ Ghosts

Each visit
Journey to face ghosts
Another life


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