Small Stones 2013 Challenge

Small Stone

What are small stones?

A small stone is a short piece of writing (any style) that precisely captures a fully-engaged moment for you.  The process of discovering small stones is as significant as the finished creation.  Searching for small stones encourages you to keep your senses on the “alive and alert” status.  Involve yourself with a new set of eyes, ears, nose, mouth, fingers, feelings and mind.  In short … OPEN, OPEN, OPEN … open your heart, open your spirit, open your mind!

This is my journey for 2013!!


~ 31 ~
Mindful experience and ritual
For the past 31 days
Concise awareness exercise
Charges one to view life
With diversity
Intuition kicks in
Gratitude magnifies
Beauty in the minutest detail
In nature, life, observation, emotion
Nothing is inconsequential

~ 30 ~
Drive in the country foothills
On an errand, but not in a hurry
Picture perfect winter sunny day
Skies stippled with billowy white clouds
Winter trees model their bare arms
Diverse sizes and ages of cattle
Patterned, black, and brown
Dot luscious green winter rye
Oreo cows are my favorite
Lifted spirits
Inner and outer amusement
Mindful excursion

~ 29 ~
Life is faith hiking
Tested for perseverance
Praying for courage

~ 28 ~
Reflective day
Intermittent memories
of loved ones lost
within the last 12 months
How did this get here?
Message left
For me to discover

~ 27 ~
Quiet moments pondering:
Different shadows
With each season

In this interim
Days light paints nature
In a reflective mood

~ 26 ~
Moonbeams bathe
empty winter fields.
Locomotive headlight
in the distance
Chill in the air

~ 25 ~
On this specific day
I am most appreciative
No mandate to arise, dress
to tackle highway commute

In impenetrable fog
visibility less than ¼ mile
Entreating the season’s deer
Not to dart across the highway
Too swiftly for me to stop

Grateful on this day
Blessing my retirement

Today, surviving the commute
to attend a seminar
Continuing education hours
Fresh food for my professional brain

Rewarded afterward
Coffee treat
With my hubby
Mindful appreciation

~ 24 ~
Fragmented sleep
does not provide
the body
suitable rest
for a filled day of
when the mind
should be
razor sharp

~ 23 ~
Mother Nature
is experiencing
hot flashes

Fluctuations in
temperatures befuddling
to those
sensitive to deviations

Appreciating winter reprieve
while we can

~ 22 ~
Courting pairs of cardinals
Bright scarlet and proud
Tawny and demure
Fluttering between evergreen box-woods
Flitting to the lower branches of
crepe myrtles with peeling bark
Pausing for moments
Prior to frolicking
To the next set of bare arms

~ 21 ~
Gentle spirit soars
In and through our daily lives
Angel watching near
Very mindful of my dad’s spirit
Five year anniversary

Celebrating this poignant day
Pursuing American dream
New entrepreneurial business
Worldwide potential
Elated with anticipation and excitement
Spreading like a Texas summer wildfire
Jostling our lists, phone calls, emails
Took a deep-breath break
By taking the “puppies” for a walk
Crisp sun-filled air
Elevated tails and happy faces
Energetic Vibrations are high
Happy Dance

~ 20 ~
Afternoon spent with energy sisters
Sifting through bucket of fresh dug crystals
Catching sun’s light like a prism
Rainbow colors sparkle
Meditative journeys ensued
Shifting perspectives
Retrieving higher vibrations
To accentuate our best qualities
Encircle of spirits
Calm Red tail hawk
In uncommon place
Watches me drive by
On my way home

~ 19 ~

Lazy day
Piddling here and there
Drafty 100 year old house
North wind breezing through
Leaving remnants of chill
Funny … we do not benefit from summer drafts
Fur-kids jostle
Vying for our laps
We benefit from the warmth

I’m ready for afternoon coffee
in warmed pottered mug
Instant thaw for my chilled fingers

~ 18 ~
Driving along winter wrecked landscape
Oasis island of scenery emerges
Off lonely paved lane
Seems so out of place
Balm for my spirit
Couple of horses gently foraging in the sun
Soaking up warmth; enjoying milder winter weather
Paddock surrounded by bright white rails
Nice drive to the vet
Jazzy, our porch cat, is ready for home
Another round of medicine

~ 17 ~
Robin blue skies
Puffy like cottony clouds
Sunny winter day
Crazy though – two days ago
25 degrees – today 60 degrees
Warm enough to remove Chloe’s sweater
And brush Utah’s natural winter coat

Sheer pleasure on Utah’s face
I stroke and brush his undercoat
He plops down
Displays his belly for more
Eyes roll backward
Smiles from ear to ear
An almost audible sigh of “Ahhhhh”

To live in the mindful moments of my dogs
Fur lined deck
Purposefully leaving for the birds
Material for their nests
Lone ladybug suns near

~ 16 ~
Sunrise new prospect
Enlightenment’s joy
“In remembrance of me
Don’t look above, but
In your heart – for God
Do this in remembrance of me”
Golden gift today

~ 15 ~

Hope instilled
Entrepreneurial spirit
Assisting others
Achieve their definition of success

To dream our dreams
Once more
Mindful energy
Nurturing self esteem
In others entrepreneurs
Offering a successful view
A window, a juncture
A glimpse of themselves
And into themselves
Allowing them to
Dream their dreams once more
Better servant-hearted direction
Gifting others the same
Paving a path
Assisting their vision and goals
I love what we do

~ 14 ~
“First you make a roux”
Most important step
in Cajun cooking
Be careful not to burn
Dark fragrant roux
Color of brown paper bag
Holy Trinity chopped and added
Peeling and de-veining fresh shrimp
Early memories flood
My mindful moments

While cooking,
my grandmother and dad
are with me
Prepared stew complete
Let flavors meld

~ 13 ~
Quiet reflection today
In another realm
That of dreams
Long luxurious nap
All Sunday afternoon

~ 12 ~
Sea-foam aqua
Ripest melon
Sunny golden yellow
Periwinkle blue
Jewels of colors
Painted on my walls
Creates atmosphere of
“Welcome home”
On hazy winter day

~ 11 ~
Predawn hour
Threshold consciousness
Cell jingles
Unrecognizable number
“Do I know that area code?”
Obscure message left
With unnatural voice
Feeling of dread
“Oh no!”
Quick uplifted prayer
Fumbling fingers
Miles connected by voice
News conveyed
Gut wrenching shock
Life snatched too soon
Nearly same age as me
God rest his soul
“How can it be?”

~ 10 ~
Stone gray downcast day
Red enameled kettle
Filled with swirling bubbles
Hand pottered mug accepts gift
Fragrant and delicious tea
Warms my bones

~ 9 ~
pouring rain.
Hammering and
rumbling at a clip. Joyful
appreciation in listening to
drops. Liquid musical chorus
in full tenor, baritone and bass.
Sweeping winds with identifiable
instruments of tin roof, pavement
and hard ground. Humming filters
through branches of winter trees.
Answered prayers for reprieve
from drought. Seems like our
fill may come in one mighty
swoop. Nature is grateful.
I am not complaining.
Gives me music
to sleep by.

~ 8 ~
Sleek, young, black porch-cat, Seely
Gone from his warm padded chair
Missed two breakfasts, snacks
Missed last night’s supper
Cold nights
Called into the wind
Asked the wind to carry my voice
Transport his name
Did the energy portal
near our porch reclaim him?
Sent him a message spirit to spirit
Wrapped him in Protective Light
“Kitten Guardian Angels” watch over
Bring him home before the rains begin
This Guardian lighting a candle
For his journey home

~ 7 ~
Wind whistles with passion
Melodious chimes
More than one set
Thick pipes bellow
Clang in unison
Frightens the porch cat
Symphony to my ears
All in the perspective

~ 6 ~
11:11 pm
11:11 am
Within 24 hours
Message to deliver
Open my eyes to see
Flood with grace and mercy

~ 5 ~

For winter
Excavation underway
Deep holes in front lawn
Stressed from summer drought
Grass roots exposed
to cold temperatures
Gouge after gouge
Visually out of place
Thief in the night
Scavengers in my yard
Lacking manners
Out of season

~ 4 ~
Small warm body
Softest fur
Nestles alongside me
Purring with wistful expression
“Love me, love me now!”

~ 3 ~
Ginger-tinged sunset
Laced with lavender fingerlings
Magenta crevices
Observed through maze of oak bones
Day is done and night begins

~ 2 ~

Simple gestures
Ongoing over twenty years
Each precious morning
During the o-dark-thirty hour
Pottered mugs of coffee
Strong rich and black
Eyes hardly open
Simple dialogue
Time of reflection
Indulgence of habits

~ 1 ~
After spending a lovely afternoon with close family friends, my husband and I return home after dark. The night is chilly, and the sky is clear of the dense fog that visited last night. In the distance, we witness fireworks, as if announcing to the area “the celebration of New Year’s continues.”

Vibrant patterns
Dance of colors


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