Small Stones 2014 Challenge

Small Stone 2014

What are small stones?

A small stone is a short piece of writing (any style) that precisely captures a fully-engaged moment for you.  The process of discovering small stones is as significant as the finished creation.  Searching for small stones encourages you to keep your senses on the “alive and alert” status.  Involve yourself with a new set of eyes, ears, nose, mouth, fingers, feelings and mind.  In short … OPEN, OPEN, OPEN … open your heart, open your spirit, open your mind!

This is my journey for 2014!!


~ 31 ~
Garden path
Kissed by winter sun
Kitten hunts

~ 30 ~
Daily journey
of mindfulness
Daily visual
Rising above the fear
of rejection
Speaking before a crowd
At peace
Taste of freedom

~ 29 ~
Morning rays sparkle
Frozen underneath a spell
Dewdrops glisten

~ 28 ~
a shooting star
traversing inked skies
lobbed diamond

~ 27 ~
At dawn’s light
Shadows bathe the wall
Red mug waits

~ 26 ~
Rest stop encounter
Shiny black nose
Puff of cotton ball
Puppy legs and kisses
Young social butterfly
Charming happenstance
Thief of my heart
As she drives away

~ 25 ~
Nostalgic melodies
Lawrence Welk’s Orchestra …
My spirit overflows with song
Humming with foot tapping
Born in the wrong era

~ 24 ~
Fine winter drizzle
Gray cloak of clouds hover
In quiet slumber

~ 23 ~
Lost in color
Meditation in action
Tai chi on paper

~ 22 ~
Sweet fragrant bouquet springs forth
Lingering tenderly against my cheek

~ 21 ~
Hot water heater departed – leaving chills and goose bumps in its wake

~ 20 ~
Last days diminishing – bound to oxygen – rooting camellias

~ 19 ~
kindness of strangers
in the midst of their sorrow
balm for the spirit
nourishment for the soul
inner being touched
with hope

~ 18 ~
Naked trees form
web of bones
While the moon
says goodnight

~ 17 ~
I walk gently down the path
Perfection a flawed view
So, what may I offer
Quiet moment
Amongst the chatter

~ 16 ~
Old friends stowed and forgotten
Hurdled out for a visit
Only water required
for vibrant meditation
Artwork accomplished

~ 14 ~
Driving through
the shadow lines
of white and brown forest
I spy patch of yellow
Artist’s touch

~ 13 ~
No beginning
is too small for me to
begin my journey
down my path
of truth and light

one step at a time

~ 12 ~
The sun’s rays illuminate
the beauty of God’s canvas …
no matter the season
each scene impresses
all of my senses

~ 11 ~
Blank page
Stares back at me
As I contemplate
What to journal

~ 10 ~
Ray of sunshine
Melts chill away
Summer in my heart

~ 9 ~
old wooden rocker
padded with memories
creaking back and forth …

~ 8 ~
Fine mist
settles on
landscape like a veil
Silhouettes struggle
to be noticed

~ 7 ~
shadows of late afternoon
exhibited across
the melon colored wall
sitting alone
listening to silence

~ 6 ~
Temperatures plummet
North wind blows
Creeping in through nooks and crannies
This old house’s bones shelter mine
Deep robust hot black coffee
A welcomed inner coating of warmth
Providing temporary thaw

~ 5 ~
Enveloped by
dancing trees
talking wind

~ 4 ~
An overdue sojourn
welcomes my inner self
in the arms of
uplifting energy
renewing and refreshing
fatigued spirit
Energy sisters surround me

~ 3 ~
Bright sun deceives me
looks like
blanket of warmth
icy cold fingers
play my spine
like a jazzy tune

~ 2 ~
Suspended color
Arch as curved ribbon
Providing hope

~ 1 ~
Circle of pure life
Heaven bursting with stardust
Collective heartbeat


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