~ Wrong Parcel Chosen ~



Snake chose wrong parcel
The fittest survivor rules
Winner −− not the snake!


While I was gardening Sunday afternoon, my husband, our 3 dogs and I were characters in some unusual excitement.  Now, in a town with about 1000 people, in the middle of “nowhere”, we are keenly aware of anything that constitutes excitement.

This is what unfolded:  I made the decision to pull grass from a neglected bed closes to the house.  With gloves on hands, I pulled a few clumps before I heard a “buzzing sound”. 

I stopped, assessed the sound, and determined it must be my imagination.  I proceeded with the task at hand.  Once more, I heard a “buzzing sound”. This time, I was not taking any chances.

I stepped away from the area.  I am proud to say – I did not scream. 🙂 

What ensued was an hour of flurry.

I called my husband over to the parcel of grass.  Armed with rake, shovel, and gasoline – he proceeded to flush a large snake out of the grassy area.  The snake shimmied straight for our backyard. This presented several possible scenarios of dilemmas.  Most important, the snake could easily slip into the opening under our pier-n-beam home … directly into the sleeping quarters of our dogs.  Of course, this is opposite the direction than we wanted.  The snake did not ask for escape route directions!

To add, to the garden drama, the snake moved so quickly into a pile of leaves, under the bridal wreaths, it was difficult to assess if this creature was a rattler, copperhead, or other type of snake.  Hot and dry, drought conditions lent itself to the snake being a rattler or copperhead.

Since the snake could easily seek refuge under the pier and beam area of our house, I proceeded, to sequester the dogs out of sight and excitement.

Meanwhile, the police department was called (they do such things in small town central Texas); as well as a rattler handler was called.  Honest, truth!!

We waited on pins and needles, while trying to keep an eye on the snake’s moves. Finally, two police cars arrived.  After, a small discussion, the two officers and my husband determined the next step.  Instead of waiting for the handler, the largest framed officer took it upon himself to check it out.

Eventually, he discovered and uncovered the snake, and proceeded to handle the situation quickly and effectively.  Although, a tiny part of me felt sorry for the demise of the snake – I was relieved the Sunday afternoon drama was over.  

Proud, I was very calm during the entire incident and no longer in danger, our gardening continued.



© by rgb for “On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea”, 2011

Evolution, Environment and Survival

About becca givens

Becca is an artist, poet, and animal communicator. She delights in cooking, nurturing, and sharing a rich spiritual life with others on the Path.
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27 Responses to ~ Wrong Parcel Chosen ~

  1. lunawitch15 says:

    I live on 5 acres in the middle of the AZ desert, so it’s quite funny that i am Terrified of those things!
    Last winter i went out to do laundrey in the back yard, and the hot water woke this one up and it came out of the wall.
    I havn’t been on that side of my property since!

    Bad S-word, Bad!



    • Becca Givens says:

      🙂 … I understand that … in that situation – I probably wouldn’t have returned yet either! 🙂

      Since the snake didn’t jump out and scare me … I decided I needed to return to the “scene” … but I waited until today to return to that particular parcel. I was determined to clear away anything another one could hide …


  2. Becca Givens says:

    fixed it for you!


  3. Olivia says:

    Something similar happened with my maid a year n a half back! Oh yeah, the local authorities laughed it off and she had braved to smoke the snake off!

    No snakes were harmed! It was some green reptile she said.. The building I stay in was a wasteland at the ground floor- not any more. Good that no one was hurt!!

    Hugsssssss 😉


  4. dani says:

    i live in Arizona and my daughter lives directly adjacent to an arroyo so rattlers are not uncommon. several years ago i brought my grandkids home from school to discover their almost blind and deaf dog had been bitten twice in the face by a rattler. she survived after very expensive treatment. they have two Great Pyranees Mountain dogs now who got snake vaccines and snake training. we have snake wranglers here, too, but it’s the fire department who comes out on snake calls if they’re in the house. happy to hear no one {especially you} was bitten. *hugs*


    • Becca Givens says:

      Our fire department is completely volunteer based, so I guess this is why Ray called the police. I became aware of snake bites for dogs a couple of years ago, and the detrimental effect of them (don’t know why I had never thought of it prior to witnessing it) … I think this was in our foremost thoughts – to protect the dogs and their area – considering the danger if the snake was in a confined area – where we can only crawl around to move! Thank you for stopping by and commenting! hugs …


  5. Samanthamj says:

    great haiku to go with your story. I’m glad you and yours are safe… and a little sorry for the snake…. even though, I probably would’ve freaked out if it were me.


  6. Jingle says:

    I have had similar experience before, hard not to have goose bumps seeing a snake while working on garden/lawn….

    Glad to see you get inspired.

    superb Haiku.


    smile big, you rock.


  7. Le-Leigh says:

    Well, I am curious – what kind of snake was it!!! Either way glad you listened to nature saying “hey, I got dibs here!” luv ya! Le-le


  8. honeyhaiku says:

    Brave indeed you are, Becca. I would have peed my pants!


  9. bendedspoon says:

    Oh yes! You won with grace! Hissssss lost 🙂


  10. seabell says:

    At least it gave you strong emotions and a poem to share with us! Until recently we had something in common: no snake… but 3 dogs!


  11. Jessica says:

    Nice tale well told! Glad we have very few dangerous snakes here in the UK.



    • Becca Givens says:

      You are fortunate. We have had snakes before, clloser to the wooded areas, but this is the first one that traveled to the other side of the house in the more common area. YIKES!! But all is well now! 😀 Thank you for visiting!


  12. Ina says:

    wow becca, lol, a snake? Lovely Haiku! 🙂


  13. ladynimue says:

    Nice tale ! you told well in the 3 lines itself 🙂


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